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I have enjoyed your posts over recent months; thank you. My husband and I head off from Southhampton to Sydney  – counting down now – and have loved your posts of common places we will be visiting- and revisiting places in South Pacific we cruised in 2013. Thanks for sharing your insights, advice and joy of your travels.



Feeling almost sad as you come towards the end of your wonderful journey. It was great to read all about the fantastic ports, including my home port of Cobh!



What an epic adventure. I look forward to my voyage next year around the pacific, taking in 10 countries. Thanks for blogs, I found them most interesting.



I’m one of those cranky Baby Boomers who thinks awesome is a word way over used these days. However, your round-the-world cruise seems like it can only be described as, wait for it, awesome. This is a great Round Up post, so we can dip in and read about the places we want to see. Welcome back to the real world. I’m afraid it hasn’t improved any in your absence.



Fantastic piece of writing to conclude your epic adventure -loved following your journey and wondered how you felt coming home -great to see family and friends again and having your feet firmly on the ground !



I honestly followed you vicariously throughout your epic journey and I kept wondering how being cooped up in a cabin with your husband for such a large stretch of time would go. I found all of the places you visited to be extremely interesting and you did a great job of bringing them to me with your fabulous photos and commentary. You should be exceedingly proud of completing the voyage writing as you went. Such a mammoth effort. It is also wonderful that it gave you time to reflect on your life and make plans for the future. I will be interested to see what is next for you!