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I have enjoyed your posts over recent months; thank you. Thanks for sharing your insights, advice and joy of watching a particular movie.



It was great to read all about the fantastic movies which turned out also to be my favorites! Better than Rottentomatoes I tell you!



What an epic site! Thanks for the movie reviews. I found them most interesting.



I’m one of those cranky Baby Boomers who thinks awesome is a word way over used these days. However, your movie insights and easter eggs seem like it can only be described as, wait for it, awesome.



Fantastic piece of writing can be found in this site. Nothing short of amazing. I will recommend this to my friends who want honest reviews.



I honestly followed your site ever since it was launched, and I never regret it even for a single moment. I’m always apprised of the fantastic movies that I should watch. Every movie you recommend is spot on as how you described it. Such a mammoth effort. I will be interested to see what you think about the upcoming movies this year!